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Found 4 results

  1. The more important thing for me is to know about this ratio or mixture to understand and determine the vapour component and flavour accordingly. Anyone with a concrete idea on this domain, please share your thoughts here to eliminate my query.
  2. I came to know that Hawaiian Pog e-liquids bring the blend of citrus fruit like orange with a tip of guava. However, considering both the taste of the fruits, I feel that it won't be that perfect taste that I am looking for. Hence, I will request you all who have used this product please share their experience here.
  3. I have found that e-liquid that has a taste of strawberry does not actually have strawberries in reality. Basically, it's a chemical agent named, Dimethylpyrazine, which is creating the essence for the same. But, then it is harmful considering this agent affects human body cells to a great extent. Is it right for all companies and all sorts of e-liquid flavours?
  4. My friend gave me a blended e-liquid, which he was not using for quite some time. Are these e-liquids fit to use?