Get A Free Gift – Authentic Vapethink Steam Shark 10-in-1 Trial Kit

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Hey guys, here comes another chance for you to get a free gift! When you order products that value more than $50 (shipping excluded), you can get Authentic Vapethink Steam Shark 10-in-1 Trial Kit for free!

See the following picture, when the total products value reaches more than $50, you can input a coupon code in the blank below ‘Vouchers’, and click ‘OK’ for the gift. The coupon code is SteamShark, please note that the letter ‘S’ should be capital.


Vapethink Steam Shark Pre Build Coil Gift


The item will appear once you input correct coupon code.

Vapethink Steam Shark Pre Build Coil GiftThe promotion starts from 3 July 2017 00:00 (UTC-6/Denver Time), do not miss this chance!

1. Quantity limited,first come first served;
2. Everyone has only 1 chance;
3. This offer can be stackable with other MAP discounts and Store Credit.

 More pictures and specs can be found in this article:

Authentic VapeThink Steam Shark 10 in 1 Kanthal A1 Pre-coiled heating wire Kit

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