уникальный! Sigelei MT Combines 220W TC VW Mod

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Hello everyone.
Sigelei MT Combines 220W TC VW Mod available for order now at 3FVape.
Hope you like it.

Original Sigelei MT Combines 220W TC VW Variable Wattage Mod + Tank Atomizer Kit $43.99
Sigelei MT Combines, a new powerful member from Sigelei, with two 18650 batteries, supports power output from 10W to 220W. The cool design of fire button is very impressive by two red LED lights on it. It also features a transparent panel for watching the inner part. Stylish and cool design, as well as the powerful output, makes Sigelei MT Combines to be one of the most wonderful TC VW mods in the market.

Check more details on 3FVape >>>

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