Authentic Oumier Maximus Max RDTA Review

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Hello everyone.
Today we present you the Oumier Maximus Max RDTA Unboxing Review.
Hope this passage do some help for you to know about this item.

The Maximus RDAT is not the max RDTA in the market, in fact, just like most RDTA, it comes with 24mm diameter. Pre-stalled with PEI tank, there is another glass sapre tank in the packet. Also in the packet a pack of accessories, including some coil, o-rings, screws and screw driver.

The drip tip of this Maximus MAX RDTA looks like a cap and is made of PEI. It’s a 810 drip tip. The drip tip is designed with a slight angle inside to prevent the cold condensing liquid to the mouth.

Take the RDTA apart and it’s like most RDTA now aday. Drip tip, top cap, sleeve and building deck with tank. The Maximus RDTA is designed with a center filling system and the filling hole is blocked with silicone block. The silicone block is with + opening and you can easy fill the tank.

4 square holes for the cotton and there’s a noticeable little hole for releasing the oil pressure. The building deck is designed for dual coil building. Center filling air hole to fill the juice.

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Hope this simple review will help you to know more about the Original Oumier Maximus Max RDTA,thanks for reading,any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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