Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA Review

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Hello everyone.
Today we present you the Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA/B] Review.
Hope this passage do some help for you to know about this item.

We can find two spare glass tank, three Clapton coils and other parts for SMM. Wotofo is always so nice.

The airflow control ring can be taken off alone. If you just see it first time, will you think it’s with bottom airflow system? But it is more than that.

Easily to disassemble main parts. It’s convenient to clean and maintain. The connection between glass tube and tank sleeve is very stable. When you intend to replace coil head or cotton, it will not cause damage when there still is some juice in the tank.

Look at the build deck. It’s designed for single coil. Four airslots in the posts bring airflow to the coil from the side. Four locking slots supports both forward and reverse wrapped coils. And, it is not just limited to wick clapton coils, 22GA or 24GA wires are also supported though.

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Hope this simple review will help you to know more about the Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA,thanks for reading,any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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