Goon 1.5 RDA Clone - Mokume Gane

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Hello everyone.
We strongly recommend you the Goon 1.5 RDA Clone Mokume Gane version.

Goon 1.5 RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Clone $40.99
The Goon 1.5 RDA Clone is constructed from Mokume Gane in 24mm diameter. It features bridge clamp design for easy building and middle side adjustable air slots for airflow control. The RDA comes with an 810 wide bore drip tip.

Mokume Gane, also known as wood grain gold, similar to the ring, is a unique form of art. Through the two different colors of metal, layers of interlocking, overlapping, after carving, stamping, oil pressure, grinding, washing and other processes, into a beautiful wood grain process. It clever use of the color of the metal itself, using a green production process! It's superb craftsmanship and beautiful,the elegant shape in today is absolutely unique. Mokume Gane color is the color of the metal itself, without plating in the production process.Because of two different non-ferrous metals and the personal physical differences,after long-term wear,the discoloration effect of Mokume Gane jewelry is different, this is the peculiar of Mokume Gane jewelry.

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