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Dear Customer,

Introduce you guys our new friend Mr. Cobi, a little cat living in the deep forest. He loves searching the internet for funny gadgets. One day, he was delighted to find that there

was a website named HealthCabin where has various entertaining little toy and it happened to hold a contest show for celebrity branding out there. Then, he registered and

won the game. After the contest, he said in a high mood: “I just feel so happy that I could win. I’m going to share these amazing gadgets with my friends and family members.”

This is how the story of Mr.Cobi goes. Today, he wants to play a game with you guys. What’s the rule of this game? 

From Aug 1st to Aug 10th, He will hide in 5 places of our gadget moment page, and you just need to find one place to join. The more places you find, the greater chance you

will be picked as the winner. After the game, we will announce 3 winners to gift a 9 Axis Hand Spinner

Mr.Cobi is looking forward your participating. click here to find him!

Any question, please feel free to contact

Best regards,
Healthcabin Marketing

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