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Revenger Mini Comes, Revenger Plus is around the corner ?

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A new member come to Vaporesso revenger family recently, you guys must know who is it. Yup, Revenger Mini aroused great attention, I guess revenger plus will release soon, company Vaporesso is not a new player in the market, they have enough interesting devices, it’s not impossible to do so.

Today, we are to talk about these three brothers - Revenger and Revenger x, and Revenger mini.

let’s take a glance at this picture firstly


We can see that, Revenger X removed the button under the screen, replaced with three responsive touch buttons, makes it more compact and integrated. I personally like the change, that has a good hand feeling. (Read detailed vaporesso revenger review)

Revenger and Revenger X both have the same dimensions (89*45*28mm), Revenger Mini runs the dimensions of 75*40*28mm, unfortunately, it is not advertised, it may have remained the same - 28mm. (click here for vaporesso revenger x review)


Generally speaking, they have little difference, apart from the size and color. Revenger X has a stylish color of rainbow. Another thing I want to mention that the battery in the mini model is built-in, I believe that it was possible and a bit more to make it for such-and-such dimensions. It is also good that the charging current of 2.5A - should be charged at a time.(click here for Revenger mini review )

Then, came the question, which one will you pick? Revenger plus will come?

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