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Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3, A Serious Update

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when refer to Reuleaux RX GEN3, we must associate it with its last generation the RX200S and RX300.
Tell about this device and not touch the theme of the appearance will not work. In the eyes immediately rushes similarity in previous models. To be honest, it seems to me that boxing is some kind of mixture of RX mini and RX200S . At the same time, there is one serious feature - the dimensions. The designers managed to make a really compact box for three 18650 batteries.

let me briefly introduce it
Reuleaux RX GEN3, the third generation of Reuleaux box mod, is smaller, lighter and more ergonomic than previous versions. Having a big 1.3inch OLED screen and brand-new interface, the GEN3 comes with three replaceable 18650 cells whose maximum output can reach 300W. Moreover, the latest bespoke firmware tailor made for the RX series will make GEN3 always up-to-date. The GNOME atomizer that packs the new WM coils for optimal flavor and retractable top design for easy filling can perfectly pair with GEN3 in terms of appearance and performance.


I do not think that engineers Wismecchanged something serious in terms of. The rule "why invent a bicycle" works here. In general, the TTX of the novelty duplicates the performance of the RX 300, except for the number of batteries, of course. From the changes, you can note a new firmware, namely the design of the displayed information on the display. The 1.3-inch panel made it more interesting. In general, I'm surprised how Wismec still does not have a color display anywhere:)

The type of power source remained the same - 3х18650, that's only instead of the back cover on the magnets, we got the battery compartment cover for the days of the case. Wismec did not change their traditions and I consider it a huge plus. If you do not have a stationary charge, then you can charge the box using the micro usb (2A) connector. In addition, the connector is also responsible for updating the firmware.

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