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GeekVape Aegis, A Top Crazy Water-Proof Device

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I was not interested in this function when Aegis had been said to be water-proof, i thought it doesn't make any sense as rarely had people take it to swimming pool until my others drop into bathtub.

Let's back into the track.GeekVape everyone knows, as a manufacturer of cool atomizers. This time, their designers gave more thoughts on how to make a their device as strong and serious as possible. In my opinion, they succeeded. The mod externally turned out to be quite powerful, and I would even suggest that the female half of the vape of the world of fashion will not be particularly successful.

This one of TOP CRAZY TESTS on Aegis, the newest water-proof Box Mod from Geekvape. It features Water-proof IPX7: Under the IPX7 designation, the Aegis will be able to withstand immersion in water up to 1 meters for up to 30 mins. This means that a session in the swimming pool, getting caught in the rain, or drifting in river will not cause damage.

Apart from Water-proof, it enjoys many other merits, I think most of you have already seen the tests of this device. The display at the box is quite large and all the information necessary to the user lies right before your eyes. and a crazy fire speed - 0.015 seconds.
Conclusively, it is still superb device that i highly recommend. I just briefly summarized its main traits, for more info you can click here.

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