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This is efun.top, we will update the specail deals and big promotion & discount on this thread, please check for it.
If you find some good items you like, please remember to use some coupon code to get it, thank you very much.
Enjoy vaping, enjoy life!

Fristly, we have a discount for $49 and $69!
Over $69.00 $5 off coupon code:69RED5
Over $49.00 $3 off coupon code:69RED3

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Today, I know you are interested in the percent disount. Now we select some hot items for 8% discount for you, please look for something you like, and please don't miss out!
some items I know you love, so I pick out for you, please click to see it directly>>
80W Joyetech CUBOID Lite With Exceed D22 TC Kit-----8% off discount at $45.63
300W Eleaf IStick TRIA TC Box ROUTE-----8% off discount at $29.21
IJOY Genie PD270 Box Mod With Dual 20700 Batteries----8% off discount at $45.07
KAEES Pacer RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomzier-----8% off discount at $13.79

More Discount Items Please Check>>

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The Golden Week of Chinese National Day is coming. Visit our online vape store Efun.top to save big on vape gifts for yourself and for your close person which will certainly bring them a smile. We provide the best vapes the best deals that won't break your wallet, but will make you happy!

1. Activity time: From Sept. 20th to Oct.7th 2018
2. Discount Offered
1) VIP: 8% COUPON Code: CND08
2) VIP wholesale:5% COUPON Code: CND05
3. Those coupon code apply to all product!
4. Don't forget to log in to get real low price!
(Filling in the coupon code when you are processing checkout!)

Get the vape discount now!


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