Except Capacity, What Are You Concerned Most When Choose Tank?

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Hi friends, 
We all know that when you choose the tank,the most important thing to you is that the subohm tank should be big capacity, but we would like to dissus with you what other points will you take into consideration when you choose subohm tanks?
I have prepared two items to you>>

1,OBS Damo Tank-------$22.99
The OBS Damo Tank is a 25mm sub ohm tank that features 5ml large capacity, easy top filling with hidden side filling hole, narrow chimney and beveled drip tip for dense vapor, and wide airslots for bottom airflow, which is adjustable.

2,Aspire Revvo Tank------$32.00
Aspire Revvo Tank comes with an innovative Aspire Radial Coil (ARC) for better flavor and vapor production. It sits horizontally in the tank similar to a "stove-top" design and increases the coil surface area greatly. The Revvo Tank also features adjustable top airflow design and easy top press filling system via spring loaded filling tube. You can choose 3.6ml version.

All in all, if you want to have a big capacity tank, you can choose the former, but it is a traditional tank, it more suitable for lower power mod. If you are longing for the high performance, the later is a better choice!

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