Shape will become important Consideration When You Buy Kit?

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Hi friends,
A wonderful day begins in China, how about your country? I hope you have all a nice day!

We can notice that more factories is trying all ways to product all kinds of unique shape kits, some cool, some guly but you can remember it at the first eye. So let's discuss, if you order the kit, whether the shape is becoming more and more indispensable part. If a kit has a guly shape but is with a high performance, will you still buy it? 

Just as these following items, which one do you like better, or the price is also an important factor you have to take into consideration?

1,Smoant Battlestar Nano Kit-----Just sold $24.99 on efun.top
The shape is just so so, do you think so? It is a totally traditional design, we can see the characteristic: Single 18650 MOD ;Excellent quality with various protection;Gold-plated dual post build deck.

2, Aspire Skystar Kit------A little expensive,$85.00 on efun.top
I have to say, It is a gorgeous kit. this is a product full of male design, the streamline design is easy for you to carry on, compared the former, I prefer to this one, feature: The responsive 1.3-inch touch screen makes the operation more easier than ever. It supports Wattage/Voltage/BYPASS/TC(Ni,Ti,SS,M1,M2,M3) and CPS (Customizable Power Settings). Its sensuous curves make it very ergonomic in the hand and easy to carry.

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