Price Cut Down Again & Giveaway! Why Are You Still Waiting?

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Hi friends,
If you want to buy Wotofo Bravo RTA, but you thought the price is a little for you before.
Now you have two chance to get it for free or cheaper price!

1,please join us to enter the giveaway, you will have a chance to get it for free!
Giveaway Entry>>Wotofo Bravo RTA
1.two types of glass. The Bubble Glass holds 6ml and the regular glass holds 4ml of E-Liquid.
2.The airflow is massive that leaves this satisfying swooshing sound that just might remind you of the sound of a helicopter.
3.Having massive airflow, the flavor is banging and will not disappoint.

2, If you guess it is hard to get it because so many people participate in. You can get it for not $36.99 but $22.99, there is $14 off discount for you!
Buy Directly>>Wotofo Bravo RTA

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