Sigelei Origin Kit VS HQD Comma Kit Which Do You Like Better

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Hello vapers!
Here are 2 pod kit Sigelei Origin Kit and HQD Comma Kit, what are the difference between them? Which one you like better?
Let's  see .
First  let'S find the Same point of  them 
1.with LED screen
2.USB cable for charging
3.E-liquid Capacity:2.0ml
Can you find the difference between them?
I0TULK2.jpg  yuT4TtC.jpg
Difference : 1.Different shap .  Sigelei Origin Kit is  egg-shape   but  HQD Comma Kit  Designed like a water drop.
                  2.Different Battery Capacity.Sigelei Origin Kit Built-in battery 600mah  but  HQD Comma Kit 380mAh Built-in battery
                  3.Different Wattage. Sigelei Origin Kit maximum wattage of 7.5watts  but HQD Comma Kit  range is from 20W to 40W
Can you find more difference between them ? And which one you like  better? Leave your comment.
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