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Hello vapers!
Do you know Bad Drip E LiquidAnd Atomic Lime Pie E-Liquid? Ship from US low price 100% original!
Here comes  Bad Drip E Liquid Collection 60ML
Seven color bottle:Bad Blood,Don’t Care Bear,Farley’s Gnarly Sauce,Ugly Butter,God Nectar,Cereal Trip,Farley’s Gnarly Sauce ICED Out  
Different flavor give you special experience.
Nicotine Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG
Bottle Size: 60ML
Bad Drip Collection 120ML Vape Juice
Atomic Lime Pie E-Liquid (100mL)
Atomic Lime PieeLiquid brings to mind being in the Las Vegas desert in the 50's. Eating a freshly baked Key Lime pie at the Atomic Cafe after an exciting day watching the test.   Atomic Lime Pie is a butter pie-crusted Key Lime dessert with a citrus shock wave of sparkling lemon lime. Atomic Lime Pie is the Key Lime King! 
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