Before doing any actions on the forum after registration, it is recommended to read.
Recommendations for each user.

1.1 We recommend to know our rules, ignorance of them will not absolve you from responsibility. Did not know did not see did not hear will not soften and will aggravate your position in the proceedings of this or that case.
1.2 Try to check the literacy of your message, grammatical and syntactic errors make it difficult to understand the essence of the matter.
1.3 Do not disclose your password to access your account. If on your behalf someone breaks the rules, you can get a ban.
1.4 If you DOUBT in the correctness of your actions when creating a topic or an answer,
(as well as user behavior), contact the moderators (in the upper menu) for help, in cases of extreme importance, approved users can write questions to the site administration (nick is highlighted in red) with a clear indication of the problem that can not be solved.
1.5 If you have witnessed any violation on the server,
then you can report a violation (the "Complaint" button in the infringer's message).
1.6 After registering, do not rush to immediately write topics, but first look around, read what other participants have already written, take part in other topics.
1.7 Before creating a new topic, use SEARCH. Perhaps the question you want to ask has already been discussed.
1.8 You can lower your warning level two months after the warning was issued. To do this, you need to contact the administrator, the Administration has the right to refuse to lower the level of warnings without explaining the reason.
1.9 On the use of the forum, personal cabinet, message editor, etc.
I ask all to visit the topic on the forum with detailed video instructions: An overview of the forum's possibilities.

On the forum it is forbidden:
2.1. It is forbidden to register nicknames with a mat (with foreign inclusive). It is forbidden to register nicknames that repeat and / or duplicate nicknames of other users - nicknames will be deleted or blocked.
Nicky with addresses of sites can be registered only in coordination with the Administration of the forum and only for partners of the forum.
2.2 It is forbidden in themes, signatures and profile statuses: to swear, insult any users, write obscenities, abuse, write only in caps (Caps Lock),
write posts in red (except for moderators and administrators), complaints against administrators, moderators and other project participants.
2.3 It is prohibited to infringe upon the rights of users under the Russian Constitution, and other legislation; discussion of server hacking and harming users and forums.
2.4 It is forbidden to write meaningless answers (flood), ridiculous jokes (insulting), trolling (pressure on the user). For non-compliance, an instant punishment is imposed from the reduction of reputation to ban per day
2.5 It is forbidden for one user to register more than one account. For breaking the ban!
2.6 It is forbidden to use vulgar and violent avatars,
swastika or vandalism.
2.7 It is forbidden to argue with moderators and forum administrators! It is also not possible to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators.
2.8 It is prohibited to discuss the same issue in different sections, in different topics,
or duplicate topics and messages in different places of the forum (for the constant non-compliance moderator in the right to reduce your reputation).
2.9 Before creating a theme, make sure the topic is selected correctly.
2.10 The title of the topic should be clear about what it is about. (for example: the topic "proposal", and inside the description -> is immediately deleted)
2.11 It is not allowed to create themes in the names of which there are site addresses. Except for contractual, sponsorship topics.
2.12 Discussion of electronic cigarettes and liquids as a means / method of using psychotropic and narcotic substances, as well as a discussion of the psychotropic and narcotic substances themselves in one form or another.
2.13 Sale and / or discussion of vaporizers (electronic cigarettes in which tobacco, mixtures, etc. are used instead of liquid).

2.14 It is forbidden to publish advertising topics in English in all sections of the forum, with the exception of sponsorship sections by agreement with the Administration.

Penalty of the forum:
3.1 Flood - removal of the post, if the violation is repeated, the "Read only" mode is enabled for the user. (at the discretion of the moderator)
3.2 Advertising - a warning,
when this violation is repeated, account blocking (Time at the discretion of the Administration)
3.3 Chatting, insulting users, finding out the relationship is a warning, if the violation is repeated, the "Read only" mode is enabled for the user. (Time at the discretion of the Administration)
3.4 Insulting the administration - immediately ban (Time at the discretion of the Administration).
3.5 Having received 4 written warnings on the forum - account blocking (Time to the discretion of the Administration).
Note: in case of repeated malicious violation of any item, the moderator has the right to take a more severe punishment at his own discretion.
Delete and edit your posts by users
4.1 In order to avoid the mass removal of their posts on the forum, there is a restriction on the removal of their posts. You can not delete your post. It is possible to hide it from other users.
4.2 There are also restrictions on editing your messages.
Within 7 days after the creation of the message, you can edit your messages without any restrictions. After a lapse of seven days, the forum automatically blocks the ability to edit the previously created message. You have to answer for your words. Think before writing, write after thought!

5.1 All messages reflect the opinions of their authors, which may not coincide with the opinion of the Administration of the Forum.