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Who wants to get free samples of electronic cigarettes! ! ! !

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Hello everyone!
My name is Jared from JOMO Technology
I browsed a lot of websites about e-cigarettes, including stores, and found that disposable e-cigarettes are slowly taking over my vision, and I wondered if this is a trend? A large Puffs disposable electronic cigarette can be used for more than 1 month, and the price is relatively cheap, it is a good choice for people who have just transitioned from tobacco to electronic cigarettes
So we also launched a 7000 puffs e-cigarette, the nicotine content can be 0/20/50mg, support free samples this month, and have local warehouses in Russia and the United States, any merchants who want to try samples can contact me:coolguy:

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Слишком большие запросы по информации к продаванам, вряд ли взлетит :crazy: 

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